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Profiler -- an interactive computer software program for driver training and driving safety-- helps prepare drivers for normal and highly stressful driving situations. Profiler requires drivers to maneuver through a realistic driving environment and react to potential hazards. The fifteen-minute Video Reality driver training experience consists of five levels, each more difficult than the last. Feedback is given on areas where the drivers need to improve their abilities. The end result is better, more prepared drivers. 

Profiler is not intended as a tutorial to teach new drivers how to operate a motor vehicle, nor it a driver education program for teaching the rules of the road.  Profiler can be used as an assessment tool to validate novice driver training, and is very useful as a risk management tool to help identify drivers who may require additional training attention.

View Product Documentation -- Click Here to view detailed documentation of the Profiler product and the Instructors Toolkit.

Improves Performance
Profiler driver training tests and trains drivers to continually scan their environment. Sampling the entire environment is one of the more important skills in reducing automobile accidents. Novice, trainee and expert drivers will benefit from taking the test, because it helps develop and maintain strong hazard perception skills. 

Profiler improves driving safety, decision-making skills and the ability to do multiple tasks while driving. In addition to steering the vehicle, the driver must pay attention  to hazards and make decisions about how to respond. 

Reduces Tunnel Vision
As driving situations become more stressful due to environmental conditions, traffic, speed or other factors, drivers typically begin to narrow their concentration. Our research suggests that accidents occur during stressful driving situations because drivers no longer scan their surroundings and anticipate what will happen in their environment. As drivers take Profiler, they are exposed to extremely stressful driving scenarios that become more complex in the higher levels. Profiler helps people deal with stressful situations by reducing tunnel vision as they learn. 

One of the cornerstones of successful training is providing constructive, meaningful feedback to students. Profiler provides feedback in two ways: 

Easy-to-understand graphs: The graphs demonstrate a students ability to recognize and react to the hazards in a pictorial format. A sophisticated statistical algorithm generates the driver's results. The graph will highlight areas that need improvement and point out strong areas. 

Corrective Action Sequences (CAS): Corrective Action Sequences use the analyzed test data to determine areas that need improvement. Then Profiler shows short video clips that give immediate feedback on how to improve a driver's performance. 

Both kinds of feedback will help drivers improve their skills. In addition, the information can be used by a trainer to tailor his course to improve weak areas and enhance strong areas. 

Scientifically Grounded Information
Profiler is based on more than ten (10) years of studies using computer-based programs to assess visual and decision-making skills. The program is the culmination of the research and provides scientifically grounded results.  Published studies are available on request.

Profiler is inexpensive to administer. Each registered student can take non-scored practice laps that will help him or her improve their skills. 

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Profiler driver testing and driver training can improve driving safety in your organization. Make this low-cost addition to your training curriculum today!