Test Drive - 
Buckle up and get ready for a few laps around the Test Track as we take you through a sequence of screen shots which will give you a feel for what it's like to drive Profiler.

Detailed Interactive Instructions -
When Students log into Profiler, they are given an interactive, hands-on presentation of what Profiler is, and how to take the test.

Each time a response is explained, the instructions pause and wait for the student to demonstrate that they understand what is required.  The steering wheel, buttons and pedals must be used to complete the instructions.

Unscored Practice Lap -
Following the Instructions, Students are given a Practice Lap to become familiar with the test and the controls.  During the practice lap, the 'virtual instructor' rides shotgun, giving helpful hints and further explaining the instructions if the student's performance indicates that help is needed. 

An on-screen score during the practice lap indicates how well the student is doing, and if no response is made to a test event, the event is highlighted on the screen to make recognition easier.  After the practice lap, the virtual instructor provides feedback and suggestions for improving the student's performance.  The student must exceed a minimum score (configurable) before they are allowed to proceed to the scored part of the test.

Registered students are also allowed to drive the practice lap as many times as needed at the instructors discretion, to help them if they are having difficulty.

Four Level Scored Test -
After completing the practice lap, four levels of increasingly difficult driving situations are presented.

Each level begins with a brief instruction sequence which reviews the instructions and points out any new test items which will occur during the test level.

In addition to signs and lights, the upper levels add oncoming traffic, pedestrians, road hazards and radio calls.  The sequences are specially designed to gradually increase in complexity, allowing the test to measure a  wide range of abilities in both novice and experienced drivers. 

At each level, the student's reaction times and decisions are recorded.  Changes in behavior and reponses as the situations become more complex are analyzed.  The test events are randomly generated each time the test is run, so the situations are different every time.  The variety and pace of events become quite challenging by the end of the test.

Scoring and Feedback -
Following the final level, a series of video feedback sessions are presented to explain the results of the test.  While maintaining a positive tone, these sequences evaluate performance in five major areas.

An in-depth analysis is also provided in the form of a color-coded, easy to read scoring chart, which can be printed out for the student's or instructor's records.  The details of the scoring chart can be found on this website:
(click on the chart for details)
Results in Just 15 Minutes -
The entire test can be completed in just about 15 minutes, and at the end of that time, you will have a solid test result to help enhance and direct your training program.  We suggest administering Profiler at several points in your program, not only to measure inprovements in your students, but also for the beneficial effects which the scanning and decision making behaviors that Profiler encourages can have on driving skills.

Profiler - High Tech, Low Cost interactive driver training - can be an inexpensive, effective addition to your training program.

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