Profiler is licensed in two ways:

Limited Execution License

For the smaller department, with a limited number of personnel and a modest training budget, Profiler analysis and training is available as a 100-test limited license.  A minimum of 2 tests per driver, for initial assessment and final evaluation, is recommended.  Skill training requires more frequent use, depending on the individual driver.  If your department will test or train less than 30 candidates per year, this license may meet your needs.

Unlimited Annual Station License

For the larger department or training center, Profiler can be licensed annually with unlimited execution.  If your training program handles several candidates per day, then this package represents an excellent value to your organization.  Profiler provides many additional benefits when unlimited use is available.

Advantages of Unlimited Testing with Station Licenses 

  • Value:  A test station can easily provide 8-10 tests/day for 200 days/year, resulting in 1600 to 2000 tests.  This effectively lowers the test cost to as little as $1.25 per test.  A minimum of two tests per driver, for initial assesment and final evaluation, is recommended.
  • Low Cost Setup: Profiler does not require dedicated hardware.  Profiler runs on a personal computer with commonly available steering wheel and pedals.  We recommend the Logitech Wingman Formula Force steering wheel and pedals,  which retail for about $90.  The low-cost setup for each station allows multiple training and test stations.
  • Remedial Training: An unlimited station license allows each student to take Profiler as many times as necessary to become proficient at critical scanning and multi-tasking skills.  Students with specific deficits, such as an inability to scan in one direction, can take Profiler until acceptable skill levels are achieved.
  • Assesment and Training Coordinated with Training on the Track: Repeated testing allows the student to receive daily feedback on skills development as track or other training progresses. Pre- and post-testing is also an option.  Some instructors use the Profiler printout to focus attention on scanning and multi-tasking deficits during other training. 
  • Ease of Use: Profiler can be self-administered by the student.  It takes a student about 1 minute to log on, and interactive video instructions guide the student through the five levels of difficulty.  An instructor does not need to be present to boot up the system or supervise the test.  Data files are created and scored automatically.
  • Research and Development: Unlimited testing allows researchers wide flexibility in designing classroom and track evaluation studies.  Profiler allows the researcher to specify a wide range of fields that collect demographic data on the student during log in, such as the number of hours of sleep or number of days in training.  The Instructor's Toolkit also enables the researcher to compile specific norm files around selected criteria such as age, class, and training conditions.

Profiler Price List

Type of License Price  Cost per Test
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Starter Kit with 10 Tests $99.50 $9.90 Order Now! (119.50 incl Shipping)
Limited 100 execution License $499.00 $4.99
Annual Seat License
$2499.00 as low as $1.00

The Profiler Package includes both an Instructors Toolkit CD and a quick start printed manual. This information includes:

  • Installation instructions
  • Basic operating instructions
  • Instructions on re-ordering Profiler tests
  • Score and graph interpretation
  • Ways to improve users' skills
You must have a system which meets the minimum requirements, including a force feedback steering wheel.

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